Viral sensation Mufasa returns with enthralling and euphoric new house single “World Needs Love”.

Uplifting listeners with his animated approach, Mufasa’s the artist looking to bring the fun back to house music. Captivating fans with his radiant vibes and share-worthy dance routines, the vocalist has accumulated hundreds-of-millions-of streams thanks to high-profile features with Dopamine. His new single, “World Needs Love”, sees the hitmaker hoping to add to his billboard topping repertoire.


Receiving support by everyone from Cardi B to Lil Wayne and J Balvin to Chris Brown, Mufasa continues to go from strength to strength. Bringing humanity, and a hint of hedonism, back to house music, he fails to rest on the laurels of his previous chart success. Radiant vibes and melodic beats combine in fine fashion on “World Needs Love”, providing a fresh perspective on themes like love and peace.


The new single is a full circle moment for Mufasa, whose career was born during the global pandemic: a time when everyone struggled for hope and optimism. “World Needs Love” looks to unity as its core message, asking us melodiously to be in harmony with one another. With this track, Mufasa is breaking through the house scene and connecting with millions of people across the globe, who share a love for his alluring releases.

Stream “World Needs Love” below: