Puerto Rican rising star, Kris Floyd, premieres his latest single “Xkittlez” featuring urban music legend Arcángel

Born in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, singer-songwriter Kris Floyd grew up in a family of musicians who encouraged him to hone his craft. Keeping integrity at the core of what he does, Kris Floyd has established himself as an original artist who tackles the realities of everyday life with his expressive use of flow and lyricism, gaining him fans all over the world. Having composed for greats such as J Balvin, Selena Gomez and Yandel amongst others, this one-to-watch is already making his mark on the urban music scene.


Now, he releases his latest track “Xkittlez” featuring Reggaeton legend Arcángel, a collaboration lending even more validity to the future star’s talents. Speaking on the partnership, Kris Floyd mused: ‘For me, it was a real moment of pride to work with Arcángel, to witness his professionalism. He is one of the biggest influences, not just for me, but for my generation. When Arcángel came out, he was an artist that many of us wanted to imitate. I heavily got into his work, and to reach this level in my career, to work with him, is to reaffirm that I am on the right path.’


“Xkittlez” is just one of the singles from Kris Floyd’s nine-track EP La Última Vez Que Me Viste, an intimate dive into Kris’ life that is a testament to how the artist has musically matured over the years. Featuring reggaeton, rap, trap and R&B rhythms, the record is not one to be missed.

Watch the video below: