Biggest Female Breakthrough artist of 2018 welcomes us to witness the beautifully shot BTS organic visuals for her latest single.

Bringing a deeply emotional, heartfelt ballad into our playlists this spring, breakthrough artist of 2018 Freya Ridings displays the abundance of love she has for people in her spotlight via her new single “You Mean The World To Me”. An arrestingly powerful song with intimate instrumental arrangements, Freya’s mesmeric vocals float effortlessly over her lulling melody. Exhibiting a release of rawness and vulnerability in her lyricism, after writing the song about her unwell mother, Freya created this visual with the concept of showing appreciation for those who work so hard individually and alongside her as they really do mean the world to her.

Revealing the true nature of the hidden elements t0 her career, Freya invites us on a special journey to witness the beautifully shot ins-and-outs of her singer-songwriter life in this special BTS footage. The visuals were directed by Game of Thrones star Lena Headey and the video includes a feature from fellow Thrones assassin, Maisie Williams, revealing nothing but passion, strength and discovery of an unconditional type of love throughout the sweet single.

"You Mean The World To Me" (BTS) by Freya Ridings