At the intersection of pop bops and EDM stands Alicia Madison with her addictive new Valentines Day track, 'Back To You', featuring INViDA.

The hopelessly romantic single is the perfect soundtrack to your Valentine’s Day thanks to the craftsmanship of Alicia Madison alongside New York City-based Pop and Dance artist, producer and songwriter INViDA.


The duo is already storming the charts with their groovy and dramatic beats that can’t help but make you move. With its feel-good energy and intimate story-telling, it is bound to boost your mood if you’re feeling blue. Alicia’s vocal is tender and emotive and sits above driving rhythms that build to a pulsing and addictive chorus. What more can you want from a track that is upbeat yet gets you in your feels?


Alicia Madison discusses Back To You: “This is one of those moments where I wrote about still loving someone who I knew I could never be with again. It sounds clichè, but I’ve had more relationships with people who I knew I could never be with long term, but appreciated the good times we had. This person had a special place in my heart because we shared the love for music. The memories of being young and writing songs together in the middle of the night is something I’ll never forget.”


Dig into the explosive track below!