Yungblud, his band and producers Matti Schwartz, Zakk Cervini and Chris Greatti talk through the making of his latest release 'WEIRD!' in the latest episode of Beat x Beat: Inside Out.

Beats thankfully launched the Beat x Beat: Inside Out series to give a peek behind the curtain into the creative process behind the world’s biggest artists during quarantine via FaceTime between the artist and their creative teams.
Discussing the process around his latest track, Yungblud revealed, “The ideas are happening and I’m like “I hate it I hate it” and it can get frustrating or I’m like what do you think Chris and he’s like “I hate it” and that’s what pushes us forward. I think that’s part of the fun of it. We were recording an acoustic guitar through a microphone, and I was like “it sounds too posh”, so I started recording the guitar through an iPhone. Like magic, it sounds naive and young but real. We tried the drum sound off Garage band on an iPhone, ok what can we do what else can we do now on an iPhone”
Talking about making ‘WEIRD!’ with his team, Yungblud said, “They made me feel like I was just making music with my best mates. I could just express myself and amplify my energy and put gasoline on a fire. So the idea starts like this, then it starts to pick up momentum and then we’re off.”
Dive into the informative episode from our favourite hellraiser below!

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