Em Beihold: Songwriting Is a Superpower

Following a mammoth breakout year, singer-songwriter Em Beihold spills on her debut EP 'Egg in the Backseat' and gets candid about life in the spotlight.

BLANCO: Live at Villa Bellini, Catania

Italian superstar BLANCO played to an adoring crowd at Villa Bellini in Catania, Sicily on 31st July as part of a two-date set of shows there.

Notion 91: Hope Tala

Intertwining soothing vocals with breezy melodies on tracks that feel like a sonic caress, Hope Tala makes music that cures the soul.

Notion 91: The Chainsmokers

After a whole decade together, it’s still So Far So Good for The Chainsmokers.

Selina Seeks Solace In Her Music

We caught up with Selina to run down her musical evolution and why she's mesmerised by SZA.

Arlie Dives Into Album Creation Process and Debut Headline Tour

Arlie isn't afraid to get personal. The band fronted by Nathaniel Banks chats with Notion about tour life, the creation of their debut record 'BREAK THE CURSE" and more.

Notion 91: Russ Millions

With a firm hold over the UK charts and his gaze cast up into the stratosphere, Russ Millions is moving with purpose and persistence.

Notion 91: Tiana Major9

For Tiana Major9, music has always been a way of life. Preaching persistence, experimentation and staying true to yourself, hers is a manifesto for us all to live by.

Editorial: BETWEEN FRIENDS x Lindsay Vrckovnik

Experimental pop duo BETWEEN FRIENDS collaborate with designer Lindsay Vrckovnik to showcase her new line of unique sweaters following the release of their 'CUTie' project.