d4vd for Notion 93

Covering Notion 93, the rising star unpacks his breakout year and all the firsts he’s getting to experience along the way.

N-Dubz for Notion 93 (Cover 2)

With their long-awaited fourth album due this summer, Notion 93 cover stars N-Dubz are thinking about their legacy.

N-Dubz for Notion 93 (Cover 1)

Covering everything from their best bars to worst habits, the infamous trio introduce us to their self-proclaimed new era: “N-Dubz on steroids”.

Hak Baker for Notion 93

Covering Notion 93, Hak Baker breaks down the influences and intentions behind his debut album, Worlds End FM.

Dylan for Notion 93

Covering Notion 93, Dylan reflects on her journey so far, from choosing a moniker to experimenting with her sound and growing comfortable being herself.

Cloud X for Notion 93

Ahead of this year’s Cloud X Festival, we caught up with the initiative's founders and artist community for the cover of Notion 93.

Off The Record: VC Pines

VC Pines on musical manifestations, pre-recording rituals, and why a malted milk is the king of biscuits.

Inside Alfa Mist’s World of Infinite Possibility

Welcome to the world of Alfa Mist. It’s full of collaborators, constant creation, a new album, unfailing musical openness, and ultimately, infinite possibilities.

Madi Saskia for Notion 92

With the support of Paco Rabanne and NTS’ A Million Ways To Make It programme, Madi Saskia is stepping into her light more sure of herself than ever before.