Editorial: Welcome to the Dark Side

Embrace the dark side with this editorial from photographer David Ardill, featuring model Izzy.

Jaz Karis: A Self-Starter’s Path to Stardom

Jaz Karis on doing it all herself, the stats-led music generation, and making sounds that warm the soul.

Del Water Gap: Jewels of Sound and Emotion

We spoke with 28-year-old Brooklyn musician S. Holden Jaffe – the artist behind the solo project “Del Water Gap” – on everything from his electrifying TV debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers to how tour has changed his life.

Wet Leg: Live at Electric Ballroom, London

Wet Leg took to the stage at London's Electric Ballroom this week, bringing their debut album to life in a free-spirited show.

Mae Muller: Live at Manchester Club Academy

Relatable queen of sass, Mae Muller, kicked off her UK tour with a sold-out Manchester Club Academy show over the weekend.

Jordan Rakei: Live at O2 Ritz, Manchester

Jordan Rakei bought his signature sultry jazz-soul vocals to the O2 Ritz in Manchester on Friday night.

Dope Saint Jude Has Achieved a Higher Self

Get to know London-based South African rapper, Dope Saint Jude, as she releases her 'Higher Self' EP, talking all things manifestation, alternate universes and therapeutic creation.

Laufey On Love Songs and Letting Go

What does love sound like? A dramatic question, sure, but one that could spark an interesting debate between two hopeless romantics sharing the same telephone wire. Laufey answers.

Priya Ragu: Live at Scala, London

Notion 90 cover star Priya Ragu showcases the best of her genre-bending 'raguwavy' sound at London's Scala.