Firsts with Arkuen

Fresh new artist on the block, Arkuen, shares his musical firsts with Notion – from making music in the middle of the night to performing at the Royal Festival Hall.

Firsts With Girlhouse

girlhouse's Lauren Luiz speaks with Notion about her musical firsts - from shredding 'Three Blind Mice' on the recorder to catching eyes with Avril Lavigne at a gig.

Firsts With Glaive

Hyperpop artist glaive dishes on his musical firsts - from the first song he made that "sucked" to the 6th grade performance that kicked it all off.

Firsts With Luna Li

Toronto-based multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter, Luna Li, tells us about her musical firsts.

Firsts With Leo Bhanji

Dirty Hit's Leo Bhanji tells us about his musical firsts as he shares the stripped-back single, "Raw".

Firsts With Benny Atlas

Rising artist, Benny Atlas, offers up a house-infused R&B track to wrap up his debut ‘Honey Rum’ EP, and shares his musical firsts.

Firsts With Asi Kemera

Rising Atlanta musician, Asi Kemera, releases the new single "honey bb" and tells Notion about her musical firsts.

Firsts With Chloe Rodgers

Emerging artist Chloe Rodgers returns with her dynamic and uplifting alt-pop single "Coins For Charon". We hear about her musical firsts.

Firsts With Aby Coulibaly

Still just 21-years-old, Aby Coulibaly’s modernist take on R&B and soul is flavoured by finding empowerment in expressing vulnerability. We hear about her musical firsts.