Firsts with Christy

Indie songwriter and guitarist Christy takes us through his musical firsts and shares brand-new single “Without You”.

Firsts with FelixThe1st

FelixThe1st takes us through his most memorable firsts, from loving Drake in primary school to spotting Rihanna backstage.

Firsts with Martin Luke Brown

Martin Luke Brown takes us through his musical firsts, from a Black Eyed Peas CD and going to Glastonbudget festival, to Britney Spears triggering an awakening.

Firsts with Aluna

Renowned musical chameleon Aluna takes us through her musical firsts and shares an ethereal music video for “Kiss It Better”.

Firsts with SwitchOTR

Croydon rapper and drill artist SwitchOTR takes us through some of his most memorable firsts, from a GRM Daily release to ticking off his bucket list.

Firsts with blackwave.

One half of hip-hop duo blackwave. tell us about the musical firsts, from the first album they ever bought to overcoming initial career obstacles.

Firsts with Dennis Lloyd

Israeli musician Dennis Lloyd breaks his one-year hiatus with new track “BERLIN” and discusses his most memorable musical firsts with Notion.

Firsts with Phoebe Go

Australian artist Phoebe Go talks through her musical firsts and shares tender new single “Hey”.

Firsts with Franc Moody

Back with a brand-new album, two members of Franc Moody tell Notion their musical firsts: from writing an early ode to boiled eggs, to owning their first oboe.