Firsts with Jossy Mitsu

Jossy Mitsu takes us through her musical firsts, from naming a track after a MAC lipstick to seeing Missy Elliott live.

Firsts With Ash Lune

Ash Lune talks her musical firsts, from winning Triple J competitions to seeing Deadmau5 in Mumbai and the greatness of Eminem.

Firsts With Suté Iwar

We spoke with Suté Iwar about his musical firsts, from seeing Drake in Dublin to meeting legendary legendary Nigerian musician M.I. 

Firsts With Phabo

Phabo takes us through his musical firsts, from seeking inspiration in Usher, to being starstruck by Kehlani and losing all his early recordings.

Firsts with BODUR

From her early SoundCloud days to shyly attending an Avril Lavigne concert, rising musician BODUR talks us through her musical firsts.

Firsts With TQD

We caught up with TQD to discuss their musical firsts, from early Wiley edits to meeting Todd Edwards, and how to be heard outside your hometown.

Firsts With SamRecks

SamRecks takes us through his musical firsts, from overcoming rejection to what inspires him the most.

Firsts With Nix Northwest

From being blown away by Kendrick Lamar to performing at Belgrave Music Hall, Nix Northwest takes us through his most memorable musical firsts.

Firsts With Berna

British rap trailblazer Berna takes us through his musical firsts, from locking off the playground to being starstruck by Young Thug.