Firsts With Lutalo

Lutalo shares their musical firsts, from their first instrument to their first officially released song and more.

Firsts with Alison Wonderland

Electronic artist Alison Wonderland takes us through her musical firsts - from the first track she ever made, to the first record she ever bought, and that time she met Alanis Morissette in an elavator.

Firsts With half•alive

Long Beach-based trio, half•alive, divulge their musical firsts and release the 1st part of their new album, 'Give Me Your Shoulders'.

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Turkish R&B artist emir taha on his musical firsts, from his first guitar to the first gigs and festivals he attended.

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Camden-born viral Grime artist Rinsa Malone on his musical firsts, from the first time he faced an obstacle in his career, to the first time he felt starstruck.

Firsts With Swim Deep

Notion catches up with Swim Deep's Austin Williams, who lets Notion in on some of his musical firsts, from the first time he knew he wanted to perform to the first time he was starstruck.

Firsts with Yot Club

Yot Club's Ryan Kaiser shares his musical firsts, speaking about turning a hobby into a career, the obstacles he's faced, and Jim from The Office.

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Sydney-based singer-songwriter, rapper, producer and guitarist, Milan Ring, dishes on her musical firsts.

Firsts with Chrissi

Mixing R&B, soul and pop, newcomer Chrissi shares her musical firsts to celebrate her debut EP, 'Back In The Day'.