“Holiday” by TOBi

Nigerian/Canadian artist TOBi blesses us today with the release of his silky smooth and oscillating new track 'Holiday' off of the deluxe edition of his album' STILL'.

“Us” by Miller Blue

Our favourite new romantic Miller Blue offers up another Lo-Fi and tender R&B mellow ballad in the form of 'Us'.

“Miss U Now” by Troi Irons

Be prepared to dive into the stunning and mesmerising new track 'Miss U Now' from the alt-pop champion Troi Irons.

“Falling For You” by Charlotte OC

Newly crowned alt-pop princess Charlotte OC returns with a stunning and emotive new single 'Falling For You'.

“When You’re Alone” by Kevin George

Self-taught producer, multi-instrumentalist, rapper and songwriter Kevin George is back with his idiosyncratic and introspective brand of R&B in his latest release 'When You're Alone'.

“Smiling (F9 Remix)” by Alanis Morissette

As we wait with more than bated breath for the ninth studio album from the sheer icon that is Alanis Morissette, dive into the F9 remix of 'Smiling' to brighten up your Friday...

“Dancing Under Lights” by Ruby Duff

Rising star Ruby Duff graces us with an enigmatic and dazzling release 'Dancing Under Lights' which was actually seven years in the making...

“WYM” by Elijah James

Rising Californian star Elijah James blesses us today with the release of his smooth and genre-bending new track 'WYM'.

“Sunflower (MUNA Remix)” by Dizzy

What better way to start your day off than this feel-good and enigmatic remix of Dizzy's stellar track 'Sunflower' by the wonderful MUNA? That's right, there isn't a better way!