‘The Peanut Butter Song’ by Maddie Jay

LA-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Maddie Jay returns with a whimsical, dream pop bop tackling the absurdities that characterise unhealthy relationships.

“Raspberry Tea” by Caro Juna

Brooklyn-based artist Caro Juna celebrates and champions her Asian heritage in a world where summer never ends in the highly-addictive and quirky 'Raspberry Tea'.

“Baby Pink & Blue” by Josie Man

Armed with her tell-tale honeyed vocals and saccharine dreams, Josie Man returns with a slinky pop release that plays testament to the all-encompassing forces of love and tenderness.

“Are You Burning” by MALTHUS

The otherworldly enchanter, MALTHUS, continues on his trajectory into a universe unknown with his double-sided release 'Are You Burning?'.

“Running Circles” by Jasmine Jethwa

South London rising star Jasmine Jethwa releases her cathartic and emotive new single 'Running Circles' with her childhood memories of Crystal Palace as the landscape.

“No More” by Emma Danelon

London-based Italian pop connoisseur Emma Danelon unveils her latest concoction 'No More' which is equally emotive as it is catchy.

“Permanent” by Bad Sounds

Bristol boys, Bad Sounds, are diving into 2020 head-first with the release of their latest track 'Permanent' which is an anthem of self-acceptance and personal growth.

“Heal Me” by FARR

Rising transatlantic duo FARR release their latest sky-reaching ode to distance making the heart grow fonder with London as the landscape in 'Heal Me'.

“I Just Fell In Love With My Ex” by Aaron Taos

Brooklyn-based poet in the making Aaron Taos releases his latest DIY homage to returning to an old flame even though you know you'll get burned in 'I Just Fell In Love With My Ex'.