DIY heroes, Luna Pines, continue their winning streak of perfecting chilled bedroom-pop with their latest release 'You'll Miss It All'.

Blurring the line between chilled Lo-Foi pop and alternative is Luna Pines’ greatest strength.


Their latest track, ‘You’ll Miss It All’, lies at the perfect intersection of their genre-blending techniques. When it comes to their lyrics, Luna Pines have cemented themselves in being prolifically emotive as they softly touch upon life’s more vulnerable moments. When it comes to ‘You’ll Miss It All’, the overriding narrative is that of pride – looking back at your past achievements and recognising that they have led you to become the person you are now.


The dream-like soundscape Luna Pines have crafted is entirely endearing whilst remaining raw in nature. Speaking on the latest track, Lotte revealed, “For me I remember reminding myself that I’d managed to overcome a severe anxiety disorder where I couldn’t leave the house, to being able to move to London and do things I never thought I could do. You might never have everything but you’ll always have something – and that’s so important to remember or you’ll end up missing all the great things around you.


Dig into their latest release below and be prepared for more Luna Pines in 2020.



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