“Love Me Easy” by Sfven

Derby-based rising star Sfven graces us with a new ballad, 'Love Me Easy', recorded from his bathroom because #selfisolation!

“Choice” by Ayelle and Rationale

What better way to start off your Friday than listening to this infectious new track, 'Choice', from Ayelle and produced by Rationale.

“Holy Water” by Abby Sage

Rising star Abby Sage steps firmly into her own spotlight and cleanses us with her stunning debut single 'Holy Water'.

“Summoner” by Big Black Delta

Be prepared as Big Black Delta summon us into an eerie and ominous universe where industrial rhythms merge with nightmarish American folklore in 'Summoner'.

“Matches” by Korantemaa

Swedish creative polymath Korantemaa debuts her sleek and self-directed music video for her latest single 'matches' taken from her upcoming debut EP.

“Girl Like Me” by LVRA

A voice that sounds like honey and money - the husky toned singer LVRA has released another memorable hit with 'Girl Like Me', an honest and unguarded declaration of the feeling called love.

“Evil Woman” by Eric Grooms

L.A based artist Eric Grooms dives deep into the well of mortality with his scorching new track 'Evil Woman'.

“I Need A Vacation” by Johan Lenox x Rence

Dive into the stunning collaboration from Johan Lenox and Rence in their infectious new single 'I Need A Vacation'.

“La Yarará” by Malena Zavala

Creative polymath Malena Zavala continues to glisten brightly and powerfully with the release of the title track from her upcoming album 'La Yarará'.