Tap Into Nic Desborough’s Iconic Queer Chats

Radio host and presenter, Nic Desborough, brings "iconic queer chats" through their 'Fluid' podcast, and fills us in on their foundation fm show, the changes they hopes to see in the future, and much more.

Tinea Taylor: “Everything Happens When It’s Supposed To”

DJ and presenter, Tinea Taylor, is an inspiring example of how hard work and determination has led her to become true UK radio royalty.

TeTe Bang: “Queer People Are Becoming More And More Visible”

Female drag queen pioneer and Glitterbox staple performer, TeTe Bang, speaks on queer safe spaces, finding her authentic self, and the empowering nature of the dancefloor.

Ellie Prohan On Queer Representation And DJing

Apple Music radio presenter and KISS FM DJ, Ellie Prohan, chats about her career journey, the need for more LGBTQI+ DJ representation, and creates an exclusive mix for Notion.

Cybil War Can’t Wait To Party Again

The world's #1 CrossFit drag queen, club night host, personal trainer, Instagram star and now White Claw ambassador, Cybil War is proof that being your authentic self unlocks your best life.