Taken from his upcoming album, 'Audio Honey', Jamaal Monarch shines in his latest visual for 'Caught In The Rain' - a woozy and genre-blending anthem.

The latest release from the Mancuanin-based wordsmith, Jamaal Monarch, comes in the form of ‘Caught In The Rain’ – a meditative and hazy day jam that spills and pours with Jamaal’s idiosyncratic narrative.


Produced and Directed by Monarch, the track and visual depicts a cinematic and intimate perspective into the everyday human condition. Microdecisions are embodied and personified with Jamaal’s effortless and carefree flow that bounces and jumps with emotive tendencies.


Co-directed and edited by Dane, the sonic and visual world crafted by Monarch is bought to life by the prolific and honest lyricism by the rapper. Striking a balance between the light and the dark, Jamaal sits effortlessly at the intersection of this duality and lays it all bare within his music.


Speaking on ‘Caught In The Rain’, Jamaal points out one lyric that resonates with him most; “Been drunk for six days, four dates with three different gays, I’m too deep in my mind, life is one big crystal maze.”


“To me,” Jamaal begins, “that lyric sums up the whole song. Being caught in the rush of so many different things, juggling different parts of your life, different plates, personas, nuances that make your life the vibrant experience it should be. This is the darker, more reflective side, the part after everything has happened where you process it all.”


Dive into the premiere of the ‘Caught In The Rain’ visual below.