Watch as King Emerald sits on his throne built upon teenage daydreaming in the countryside in his latest track "Crown".

Jacob Knowles – better known as King Emerald – is back with his latest new wave track and video for “Crown” released via Kitsuné.


King Emerald, surrounded by an air of hopeful naivety that only comes with emerging adulthood, declares his ode to unrequited love in all it’s pain and glory in “Crown”. Embedded in the DNA of the shimmering new track is the hours, days and years we all universally spent as teenagers longing for better days and our dreams to come to fruition. The universe King Emerald has crafted takes it’s physical form as he recalls building huts with his friends to pass the time, without the modern anxieties that are wrapped up in adulthood.


Following on from the release of his debut single ‘Perfect Lies’, his latest track grows in its new wave electronica and nostalgic bassline. The free-spirit video that harmonises that rose-tinted longing of the track perfectly encompasses the idleness and curiosity of teenage wanders making their surrounding mystical. With an onset on new tracks and performances to follow suit, we can’t wait to continue on this journey with King Emerald leading the way.


Look to the past for the hope of a better future with King Emerald’s new track “Crown” below!