London streetwear label, Lazy Oaf, is rocketing into the past to bring back a collection with all the hallmarks of the year 2001.

All aboard the nostalgia train – with toxic waste greens, fuzzy orange textures, and tartans straight out of Clueless, Lazy Oaf is travelling back in time for a collection that celebrates the year the brand exploded into being, 2001.


The 14-piece collection boasts grungy graphics, Battenberg checks, and a flash of noughties bling. Highlights from Lazy Oaf’s selection include a lime-green turtle neck with bold pink lettering and a punk-inspired kilt mini skirt with two black buckle embellishments. This collection freely mixes sugar-sweet tones with don’t-mess-with-me flairs – snatches of combat uniform, lurid shades, chunky trainers, and punk leather – offering a tough twist on 2000s kitsch.

In collaboration with Lagoon Femshayma, the London DJ will be styling some of their own looks from the collection and providing a tailored playlist, especially for the occasion.


Founder and director, Gemma Shiel has explained “2001 has a special place in our hearts as it is the year I started Lazy Oaf, hand printing t-shirts and selling my pieces on a market stall. 20 years later, Lazy Oaf is still here despite so many fails, floods and fires. We are planning a calendar of special projects across the year including this collection which is a love letter to 2001, back to where it all began, the range is a nod to the fashions and original inspirations that fed back into why I started Lazy Oaf in the first place.”


The full collection is available to purchase online, through the store’s app, and in-store.


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