Electronic producer Moglii and R&B sensation Mulay discuss their recent collaboration, nurturing healthy relationships and solo projects.

It’s always a treat to see your favourite artists collaborate with one another, especially when they come from contrasting musical spheres. Having recently dropped their double release “Sunliight” and “Hidden in the Mist” music producer Moglii and singer-songwriter Mulay discuss teaming up on their latest, personal growth, and 2023 manifestations.


Between the two of them, both artists have a great deal of talent. An electronic producer, musician and singer, throughout every release Moglii brings an array of texture and layers to his work, whilst Mulay is praised for her meticulous attention to detail and being the magic behind every captivating lyric. Having previously worked together on their 2019 single “Indiigo”, the artists have already proved their compatibility to interconnect their sonic soundwaves.


Moglii and Mulay are kickstarting a new year with positive prospects. Striving for personal growth through better communication and gaining confidence in their own artistic expression, we spoke to the artists about the recording process of their latest, navigating their own sound and manifesting larger solo projects.

Hey, how are you both?

Moglii: Thank you. The year has just begun for me.


Mulay: Hey, I’m good, thanks.

You recently collaborated on the double single release “Sunliight” & “Hidden in the Mist”. I know that both songs have different meanings, let’s start with “Sunliight” – this single is about self-love and celebrating your achievements. What’s an achievement you’re really proud of that you were able to celebrate recently?

Moglii: When it comes to success, I really think it’s about personal growth nowadays for me. It’s about how you look at yourself and see good things along the way. It’s about establishing more than one romantic relationship at the same time and navigating around and communicating about that topic with my partners, which improves my communication level by x 100.


Mulay: I released my first vinyl last year, which has always been a dream of mine and something I worked really hard for and put a lot of love into, so that’s definitely a recent achievement I am proud of.

How do you feel like the two tracks relate to each other?

Moglii: Showing your inner shining (“Sunliight”) vs. hiding parts for yourself (“Hidden In The Mist”).


Mulay: Originally the two tracks first came into existence at very different times and were created completely independently from one another, which is probably why they have such a different vibe. But both came to life and were inspired by the same scenery, the same house at the edge of the forest. Just at different times of day, during different seasons and moments in life, almost like taking a photo of the same place with the same people in it, but years apart.

“Hidden in the Mist” was inspired by a retreat with other writers when you were compiling some new music and a natural scene. Where does your musical inspiration usually come from?

Mulay: I’m mostly inspired by life, my personal journey, and what’s on my mind and in my heart. Music and writing help me to express and process my inner world and allows me to access my subconscious in ways I otherwise couldn’t. But I believe everything our senses are exposed to can serve as inspiration. It becomes part of an inner archive that shapes our creative minds and later impacts our ideas.

Where do you both feel most at home songwriting? Is it an environment like the retreat?

Moglii: I like being isolated from everyday to-dos. A good mood and hanging out with really good friends also make a big difference for me. Traffic noise and city stress usually cut that creative potential from me too, usually. 


Mulay: As writing is quite a therapeutic process for me, I just write all the time, no matter if at home, on the train, waiting for the bus, etc. It doesn’t really matter. But a retreat creates a place far away from everyday life and all distractions. It allows everyone involved to fully focus their energy on creativity and to be inspired by one another. It’s really powerful.

How did the songwriting process work as a pair? Are there elements you both feel strongest in?

Moglii: Mulay is a fantastic songwriter, and her voice is other than human. So, I feel really proud to have the chance of making the production and soundscape in that case.


Mualy: This wasn’t our first time collaborating, so, I feel like by now we know each other and each other’s processes and therefore can communicate and work together really well. I’d say my strength lies definitely in writing, improvising, and finding melodies, but ultimately the strongest kind of collaboration is an exchange of ideas on every level when one thought impacts the other and every element ends up connected.

Moglii – your sound has a unique soundscape of warm beats, analog synthesisers and soulful vocal samples. Can you talk to us a bit about what your “organic electronic” sound means to you?

Moglii: Actually, it’s mostly about bringing some life to the recording. Adding “real scenes” or elements from just jamming around, not thinking about the  ‘perfect’ take. Then you can catch a vibe and you avoid stacking digital elements together. So, I like working with instrumentalists like TONG (violinist) or Mike Rauss (guitarist). Field recording of the environment we’re working in can add the right connection at the end.

Mulay – I know that your sound is quite contrasting, as you take on more alternative R&B sensibilities. How did you find the process of merging this sound with Moglii on your latest releases? Were there any challenges?

Mulay: I feel like the more we’re working together the more we succeed in truly merging our different styles. I think you can hear it comparing “Sunliight” which was written quite a while ago to “Hidden in the Mist” which is more recent. When we worked on our first collaboration and “Indiigo” came out, I was in the midst of working on my debut EP, my first solo release. Since that a lot has happened, I built up my solo project, played a lot of shows, and just released my second EP in October last year. Being able to fully realise my own vision, gaining confidence in my own artistic expression, and shaping my own sound definitely had an impact on how much of myself I was able to give into collaborative work as well.

It’s clear you’re both no strangers to collaborations, with Moglii having previously co-produced for Hayden James and singer Elderbrook and Mulay previously worked with LLUCID, Tender Games, and more. I wanted to ask how you both plan on evolving your solo careers this year. Mulay – could a debut album potentially be in the works? Moglii can we expect a fourth full-length project from you this year?

Moglii: Thanks for asking! I’m finally working on my debut album right now. It should be called ‘other than human’ as it’s about the role of human beings in a world of intelligent life on this planet. This should be done soonish and I’m quite excited to release it.


Mulay: It’s definitely in the works. Let’s see what happens.

Lastly, what are you both manifesting for your music careers this year? More festival line-ups? Headline shows?

Moglii: Playing a tour in late 2023 is a goal. First headline Moglii tour with around eight – 10 dates. I want to bring the band along on stage and just give the audience a really wholesome experience of an alternative and colourful world.


Mulay: I guess I’m manifesting more live shows and more opportunities to perform on stages outside of Germany. After all these years of lockdowns, cancelled shows, and travel bans I hope 2023 will be a good one for live music, meeting and connecting with real people, and creating special moments together.

Stream their double release below:


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