In Notion Now: Week 36, listen to new Charli XCX, Little Simz, Sasha Keable and Jorja Smith, BackRoad Gee, Tom Misch, Baby Queen, Venna, Priya Ragu and many more.

"Good Ones" by Charli XCX

Big energy, big hair... we're here for it. Charli XCX's latest single laments her inability to "keep hold of healthy relationships" over ’80s new wave and synthpop beats. She said that it's "the first single of my new chapter embraces all that my life has to offer in today’s world – fame, glamour, inner demons and global hits."

"Point and Kill" by Little Simz

Truly the rapper's magnum opus, 'Sometimes I Might Be Introvert' is an incredible offering. Her fourth album, the previous Notion cover star recruited The Crown's Emma Corrin to deliver a series of interludes. Fun fact: if you shorten the album title to form an acronym, you get SIMBI, which is Little Simz's real name.

"Killing Me" by Sasha Keable & Jorja Smith

Two brilliant vocalists go head to head in this deliciously harmonised, conversational track about breaking free from a relationship that isn't working. Sasha said: “Jorja and I were long overdue to write together, so we met up at Ben’s (our guitarist) house who wrote 'Killing Me' with us and in 4 incredible hours we had the song, it was mad how easily it came. We had both gone through difficult breakups and were clearly done with how we were feeling. Killing Me was the result of that and helped us both to move on.”

"Narcissist" by Baby Queen

Brimming with social critique and self-awareness, Baby Queen's 'The Yearbook' album is finally out after she spent months dropping singles from the project. One of Notion's Ones To Watch for 2021, Baby Queen has been going from strength to strength this year, and 'The Yearbook' solidifies her status as one of the leading songwriters of her generation.

"Billie (Loving Arms)" by Fred again...

The latest in the producer's 'Actual Life' series and the first from the second part of the project, Fred again... explains that "Billie (Loving Arms)" is "about allowing people to help you, when you need it most. Like last year I felt like that was made almost impossible for us to do in some ways. I mean just the physical touch of someone throwing themselves around you can really cure us of a whole lot I think.”

"JOY (Meet Me In My Dreams)" by Joy Anonymous

Co-signed by the likes of Fred again... and The Blessed Madonna, Joy Anonymous' Joy Anonymous were on a mission during lockdown to bring people together by putting on spontaneous live events on London's South Bank. Now, they're set to release an album of genre-spanning body of work, fusing elements of house, disco, soul and pop into a joyous and feel-good record. This is the first taste.

"BLOW YA TRUMPET (feat. Knucks, Ghetts, Akala & Kojey Radical)" by Swindle

Swindle is known for recruiting heavy-hitters for his features, and this time he's brought Knucks, Ghetts, Akala and Kojey Radical on board for this energetic, frenetic track. Swindle said: "If 'Darkest Hour' was about finding your power through your community, 'Blow Ya Trumpet' is what happens when we fully utilise that power… Given the mood in June last year it was so important to me to have Akala come to these sessions, and getting him on a track with Ghetts, Knucks, and Kojey was like a dream."

"Stranger (for now)" by Matilda Mann

Another angelicly sung single from Matilda Mann, "Stranger (for now)" takes inspiration from a pop culture romance to examine the role of fate and timing in relationships. She said that it "is based off the relationship between Jim and Pam from the USA 'Office'. It’s about how they kept missing each other, as the other one was always in a relationship, but they both know that they should be together. Sometimes you just need a little bit of time with the wrong person to know who’s right for you.”

"I Don't Want You" by Riton & Raye

What happens when you get two dance music powerhouses? An absolute banger, of course. A collab between Riton and RAYE was just waiting to happen, and boy did they deliver. On it, Riton reworks a club classic - Dominica’s 1994 tune "Gotta Let You Go" - turning it into a current dancefloor filler.

"Antigua" by Dappy, BackRoad Gee & M24

Dappy recruits BackRoad Gee and M24 for this fast-pace single. Each artist compliments the other with swiftly-delivered bars and witty lines. Psst, peek the Notion shoutout in Dappy's second verse.

"Fear Nuttin" by BackRoad Gee

Another one from BackRoad Gee, but this time it comes with news that his new mixtape 'Report Live From The Back Of The Road' will drop on 17th September. He said: “After almost two years of hard work, blood, sweat & tears (literally), I can say I’ve had some of the craziest life changes which makes this mixtape mean so much to me. If you know me personally, this music and energy I give you is me from my heart. It’s not a job I go to or an identity I put on. Every word, every punchline, every ad-lib, I feel through the energy and the music is real, not a fairytale."

"Walking With Ur Smile" by DJ Seinfeld

DJ Seinfeld has dropped his long awaited new album 'Mirrors'. Recorded between Berlin and Malmo, the process started almost two years ago. He said: "It’s been a crazy series of ups and downs, and I'd often question myself and my abilities to actually create a new album of the quality that I wished it to have. Over time, I worked my ass off and I think that I finally got there. It’s such a scary thing to put it out, but also an extremely cathartic experience."

"Missing You - Quarantine Sessions" by Tom Misch

Tom Misch has treated fans by officially releasing his 'Quarantine Sessions' project. Each song is the sonic embodiment of a long summer's day, and it encompasses 5 covers and 3 original songs, including the previously unheard track "Missing You". He said: “Lockdown was a very strange time, but it meant that I spent a lot of time just sitting with my guitar and jamming, and I created these sessions."

"ANSWERS" by Bipolar Sunshine

Bipolar Sunshine has got some questions about life, but writing this track helped him find the answers. He explained: “This song relives the journey of my life to this point. I’ve started questioning everything around me to see ifI can capture the essence of what makes me who I am. By the time I finished with 'Answers', it felt like I was having an out of body experience and speaking one on one with God."

"Eyes on the Prize" by Che Lingo & Tamaraebi

Inspired in part by the racist reactions to England’s loss on penalties in the Euros final, "Eyes on The Prize" is about following your dreams and staying true to yourself, even when things are against you.

"Thank You" by Maya Delilah

Singer-songwriter Maya Delilah's latest single "Thank You" is described as "the final chapter" in her breakup journey - an experience that inspired her forthcoming EP. Amidst crashing drums, a chorus of harmonising, soulful vocals and electric guitar, Maya sweetly wishes, "Thank you for being the worst thing that's happened to me."

"Sun, Moon & Herbs" by Venna & JVCK JAMES

Saxophonist, producer and GRAMMY Award-winner, Venna, has dropped his debut EP, 'VENOLOGY'. It sees two collaborations with JVCK JAMES and is a brilliant example of Venna's jazz capabilities.

"Lighthouse" by Priya Ragu

Priya Ragu has dropped her debut mixtape, 'damnshestamil'. A creative partnership between herself and her brother, Japhna Gold, the record is a heady mix of alt-pop beats and both sonic and vocal expressions of her heritage. One of Notion's OnesTo Watch for 2021, Priya explained: “This is the most pure and sacred work that I have ever put out into the world. I've carried it within me for a very long time until I found a way to translate it into these songs."

"rearrange" by Ragz Originale & Prettyboy D-O

North London artist and producer Ragz proves once again that he’s a master of collaboration, fusing the currents sounds of the UK and Africa with his smooth R&B vocals and Nigerian star, Prettyboy D-O's distinctive tones.

"IF IT ENDS" by Cero Ismael

Cero Ismael looks at the bright side of heartbreak on this new single, which features fellow Dutch artist Raven Artson. " Even though the situation is falling apart, I’m still letting the person know that I will always be there," Cero explained of the song.

"Right Together (feat Rachel Chinouriri)" by Conducta

Once again showcasing his versatility, Conducta's new tune is a move into a Garage/House realm as we see a more melancholy sound from the producer. On it, he links with Croydon's Rachel Chinouriri, who supplies Jorja Smith-esque vocals.

"something special" by joan

joan always nail feelgood pop songs - case in point with their warm and gooey "something special". A tribute to their wives, joan said: "We’re both happily married to our wives, and both of our stories include us feeling like we connected like best friends and then realised “oh, i’m in love with my best friend, that’s so lucky.” that’s what this song is about"

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