To celebrate the release of Blue Hawaii's new record, 'ORiF', the dreamy duo curate an all-round good vibes playlist aimed to be spun at the end of a late one to soften the mood a little...

Blue Hawaii, comprised of Raphaelle ‘Ra’ Standell-Preston and Alex ‘Agor’ Kerby, have been making waves for over a decade now. However, trying to define is not the easiest task to do.


Blue Hawaii’s ability to waver in between genres from trance, acoustic, UK garage, trip-hop and house, has made them somewhat of an enigma. Refusing to be put into a musical box is their secret weapon, along with the poetic and emotive lyricism embedded within the DNA of their tracks that make you want to cry whilst you dance.


‘ORiF’, standing for ‘Open Reduction Internal Fixation’, was born from when Agor smashed his foot up before the Southeast Asia & Japan leg of their tour in 2018. After flying back to Montreal, the surgery performed on the broken foot was ‘Open Reduction Internal Fixation’. However, that’s not to say the latest album is all doom and gloom. Lightheartedness and movement will always be an integral part of who Blue Hawaii are as artists.


With sublime tracks like ‘All That Blue’ and ‘Still I Miss U’ from their new record, it has shown there is definitely a story that Blue Hawaii want to take you by the hand through. Sometimes melancholic, sometimes nostalgic but always groovy. Before you dig into the stellar new album from the dream team, start your weekend off right with their early morning vibes playlist below!

"Samnolli [Warp Records - 1993]" by Studio 54

"Really nice tune to play after a particularly heavy banger to bring the energy back down a bit. The vocal sample switches between “hm” and “that was good!”, happy sounding chords and a simple groove underly this 8 min early 90s groover."

"Song For Annie" by Erot

"This was hugely popular in our local Montreal scene a few years ago, I remember Project Pablo playing this a bunch. It’s one of those familiar keyboard lines that instantly makes you feel warm and comforted."

"Nu Day (Jimpster Edit)" by Galcher Lustwerk

"Beat drives relentlessly forward but soft background chords keep you relaxed. This edit is pretty much the same as the original with the addition of a scrumptious baseline about halfway through."

"The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold)" by Deep Dish feat. Everything But The Girl

"Another late night lovely - esp when that sample and discord piano finally comes in after the amazing vocal from Everything but the Girl. Thinking about the scene in the late 90s too and the concept of the future still repeating today works super well considering the 90s revival we find ourselves in."

"Dance (Club Mix) 1989" by Earth People

"So long as we’re in the old school vibe here’s another classic.. the sax makes people go wild but the track’s a real chiller so you’’re not risking too much by playing it, ha!"

"All That Blue" by Blue Hawaii

"You know, this Blue Hawaii track fits in this late night groover category pretty darn well. Sultry vocals, a banging chorus with sax, and besides we hear they’re a pretty cool group."

"Surrender Your Love (Kenny Larkin Remix)" by Sade

"Back at home with a little after party and want an upbeat but very chill remix that you’re not going to have to change for 11 mins? Comes with Sade’s magic voice."

"If You Want My Love" by L.U.S.T Productions (Dwight Sykes)

"Not for the club unless you’re opening the night up - but anything from Sykes is great for the very end of a late night flat party."

"What's Your Number (1996)" by Ian Pooley

"Slowing things down with a breakbeat but keep it driving, classic from Ian Pooley."

"One More Time" by Daft Punk

"Okay I guess this just had to slip in… Bring the party back... Just one more time!"

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