Fresh Face: Joey Knight

Notion caught up with rising artist Joey Knight to find out his current obsessions, biggest inspirations, and why he thinks he and Post Malone should be mates.

Fresh Face: Daisy Brain

Daisy Brain chats to us all about his favourite fashion trends, search for originality and his belief (or lack of) in aliens.

Fresh Face: SIPHO.

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Fresh Face: DEJA

Making waves with her own brand of sass, confidence and main-character energy, rising artist DEJA tells us why she's ready to be a "full-blown Beyoncé".

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Rising artist Theodor Black chats about skateboarding, the song that hypes him up in the club, reconnecting with a lost cousin, and much more.

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Fresh Face: Infinite Coles

Get to know rising artist Infinite Coles as he debates his dream dinner party guest list, hopes to meet aliens, and calls for more music industry support for the LGBTQI+ community.

Fresh Face: Teezee

Notion meets Teezee, a Lagos-hailing alternative hip-hop artist, to hear his party tricks, which fashion trend he'd revive, and when he feels happiest.