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In a campaign that pays homage to free party culture, The North Face drop the first NSE line of the season fronted by Kam-BU.

Inspired by the hedonism of early 2000s raving, The North Face presents a new campaign for their iconic NSE line. Fronted by British rap stalwart Kam-BU, the rebellious collection breathes new life into one of the brand’s most sought after capsules. As fitting for the English countryside as the capital’s metropolis of concrete jungles, the drop features an array of outerwear in a series of vibrant colours.


A perfect fit for the collection, artist and climate activist Kam-BU is making rave-ready anthems. From jungle to dub and garage to grime, he leaves no stone unturned, undergoing a musical metamorphosis that draws a range of sounds to his arsenal. His latest single “LIVE-O”, released exclusively alongside the campaign, is a liberating listen, as the south London native brings maximum energy to Tom Dinsdale and JD Reid’s punchy production.

From the collection, key pieces include the Men’s Dryvent Carduelis Jacket, the Women’s Seasonal Denali and the two new models of the VECTIV™ Taraval. Rooted in counterculture, the pieces add some subtle disruption to any wardrobe, with emblazoned logos and dynamic colourways working together seamlessly. Don’t be mistaken, with this collection, The North Face and Kam-BU are quickly sewing themselves into the fabric of UK rave culture.


The NSE first drop is available to purchase now at and in select The North Face stores. To keep up to date on future launches follow @thenorthfaceuk on Instagram and @thenorthface on Facebook.

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