It's about time to get to know Zsela - the haunting enchantress who's hypnotic universe created within her latest EP 'Ache Of Victory' is dazzlingly and dizzying in all the right ways.

After bursting onto the scene with her unusual and enticing track ‘Noise’, Zsela has proven herself to grow and evolve from strength to strength with her soundscape with spills and pours from countless musical genres.


Without wanting to put herself in a musical box, Zsela is paving the way with her own path that sonically sits at the intersection of nostalgic 90s R&B anthems and sparse electronic alt-pop experimental sounds. Whilst the production weavers to the side of minimalism – Zsela idiosyncratic and emotive voice grabs you by the hand and takes you on the story she wishes to tell you with her honest and prolific lyricism.


Leaving no stone unturned, Zsela isn’t afraid to announce her feelings with her chest – the good, the bad and ugly ones, which is why her EP ‘Ache of Victory’ lives up to it’s visceral and bodied title. The post-midnight EP is served up with many reflections – Zsela’s growing pains, the aching of self-destructiveness that only leaves room to seek the light and her yearning for something better.


We caught up with the rising star to talk falling in love, following your gut and the simplicity of games. Dive in below and get to know you favourite new artist.

If you could summarize it, what would be the story of how you became a musician?

I used to be really shy about my singing and private with my writing. Once I got more comfortable sharing those things with people and throughout the process of making this EP, I let go of a lot of fears and found that the passion I had always had for music was turning into a career.

How would you describe your sound?

I wouldn’t but if I absolutely had to I’d describe it as minimalist pop alternative country.

What are some of your first memories of music?

When I was a kid I had this tape recorder that I would use to record my dreams, I’d sing what I could remember which ended up turning into these really long “songs”.

How are you staying sane during isolation?

We have a game night once a week that’s been keeping me sane. I love games.

What is something that not many people would know about you?

I’m very good at bowling. I too was surprised when I found out.

What energy do you want to give off when you perform live?

Being safe.

What does being in love feel like for you?


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Trust your gut.

If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?

“Stop caring about what other people think!” But my younger self would probably say “You’re one to talk!”