Introducing the newest voice to a generation who are trying to figure it all out, Polly Money, with her honeysuckle vocals and prolific lyricism.

Polly Money‘s dream-pop guitar sound, raw lyrics centring around navigating adulthood and the chaotic twenties stand tall and proud in her latest track “TWNTYS”.


If you can’t take our word for it, then take fellow poetry-personified artist, Orla Gartland, as she revealed about the track “For me, the lyrics of ‘TWTNYS’ perfectly capture the essence of this wild, confusing time in our lives. I love how Polly’s voice sits in this soundscape – as a friend & fellow songwriter it’s been a total joy to see her grow into her artistry these past few years and I can’t wait to tour with her this month! This song feels like the start of something so exciting.”


Polly may have a case of the twenties, but we definitely have a case of the Pollies. Tune into her magnificent track that is only a signifier of more brilliance to come below!