Valve Sounds For Notion 92

Founded by Shelley Liu and Sasha Chifura, Melbourne-based music label Valve Sounds has built a home for local talent in the emerging hip-hop, R&B and soul space.

AZEEMA For Notion 92

AZEEMA is run by the community, for the community.

Boos Cruise For Notion 92

Boos Cruise is the queer skate collective pushing culture forward.

Azekel for Notion 92

With more music in the works, and a new project, 'Analyze Love' released this year, don’t be mistaken: Azakel's time is now. 

Talia Goddess For Notion 92

Brooklyn-born Talia Goddess is busy creating a cultural legacy of her own.

jamesjamesjames for Notion 92

When jamesjamesjames tells you he’s from Beverly Hills, you believe him. The 23-year- old producer and DJ is surrounded by an air of glamour — bleached blonde, expensive, and always poised for a flashy paparazzi pic.

FLO For Notion 92

FLO are getting their flowers.

AMARIA BB For Notion 92

Blending R&B with dancehall influences, AMARIA BB has carved out a space in the music industry that’s all her own. Mapping out her next steps after dropping her debut EP this year, she fills us in on her journey so far.

BackRoad Gee for Notion 92

Covering Notion 92, rising rapper BackRoad Gee takes us on a tour of the influences that have shaped him — from the sounds that filled his childhood home, to collaborating with Puma.