‘GOD’ by BermudaCal

BermudaCal unleashes euphoric hip-hop track, ‘GOD’, as he explores the depths of doubt and introspection.

‘Dirty Toothbrush’ by UraelB

Rising through the ranks, hip-hop artist UraelB unravels a West Coast groove in his latest track, ‘Dirty Toothbrush’.

‘SINS OF THE FATHER’ by Ellis Evason

Ellis Evason's new album honours old-school hip-hop, bold storytelling and alternative genre-blending.

‘I Wanna Know’ by DAJÉ

Blurring the boundaries between American rap, pop and rock, the new single by emerging artist DAJÉ is his best yet.

‘Toxic Places’ by Beebee Bassey

Pop princess Beebee Bassey explores internal dilemmas in her latest poignant offering, ‘Toxic Places’.

‘Round We Go’ by Buu E. Radley

Hip-hop connoisseur, Buu E. Radley, gives us a bird’s eye view into his mind in latest track, ‘Round We Go’.

‘Back in Time’ by Georgia Reed

Australian-born singer-songwriter Georgia Reed conjures up a romantically wistful evocation with her latest single, 'Back in Time'.

‘Just a Game’ by Nulbarich

With their new single and subsequent album, Nulbarich are shaking up Japan's Neo City Pop scene and taking it global.

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