‘Like You Boy’ by Natalie Shay

North London girl-genius Natalie Shay narrates the demise of a relationship in latest track, ‘Like You Boy’.

‘Reconnecting’ by Noah Bouchard

Noah Bouchard explores life’s ebb and flow in latest track ‘Reconnecting’, giving us a glimpse of the lo-fi rap that’s in store for his upcoming album.

‘Mazzine’ by Tarm

East London rapper Tarm is self-assured and setting himself up for musical success in his new single 'Mazzine'.

‘Sign’ by Elle L

Dreamy pop artist Elle L unravels new emotional anthem, ‘Sign’, marking her first move into self-production.

‘Talk In My Head’ by Casey McQuillen

Marking a significant milestone in Casey McQuillen's career, ‘Talk In My Head’ celebrates her transition from indie darling to arena sensation in under two years.

‘Blue Fire’ by Winifred

With a new single ‘Blue Fire’ offering a taster of her forthcoming EP, Winifred sounds full of alt-pop promise.

‘every dollar is a soldier/with money you’re a dragon’ by An-Ting 安婷

An-Ting creates a powerful lament on the immigrant experience through spoken word and electronica in her latest soundtrack.

‘Feeling Of XTC’ by JBRRMUSIC

Geordie producer JBRRMUSIC refines his electronic sound in latest euphoric release ‘Feeling Of XTC’.

‘Move On’ by Temm

Temm, the rising vocal powerhouse, has dropped her latest single 'Move On', promising a stirring blend of emotional depth and melodies.