“Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written” by Bea Stewart

Rising songwriter Bea Stewart releases vulnerable new single “Nicest Song I’ve Ever Written”.

“Super Dope” by Paul2000 

Chicago-based singer, rapper and producer Paul2000 drops vibrant debut single, “Super Dope”. 

“Death to a Tyrant” by Valdman

A personal track about giving his all, Valdman’s new single “Death to a Tyrant” is an emotional triumph.

‘Ten Years Later’ by Cold Cold Nights

Indie quartet Cold Cold Nights premiere their sophomore LP ‘Ten Years Later’ with focus track “SONO”.

“Only For The Night” by Asha Gold

Asha Gold drops the video for her latest sparkling new single, "Only for the Night".

“Sweet Release” by Kevin Ross

Philadelphia-based artist Kevin Ross shares cathartic music video for new single “Sweet Release”.

“Vivi, Hu?” by Vivi Hu

New York singer-songwriter Vivi Hu shares her sophomore release of the year with witty self-titled track "Vivi, Hu?”

“WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY” by Polartropica

Dream-pop artist Polartropica bounces back from a headline show with an otherworldly new single “WHAT’S YOUR FANTASY”, alongside darkly beautiful visuals.

“Nowhere” by WMD

Electronic producer WMD offers us an exclusive preview of his latest captivating single, “Nowhere”.