Rising transatlantic duo FARR release their latest sky-reaching ode to distance making the heart grow fonder with London as the landscape in 'Heal Me'.

Along with the release of this emotive and cinematic track, FARR has announced the title of their debut album, ‘Weightless’, due for release in March, proving that this duo is claiming what’s rightfully theirs in 2020.


Speaking on the release of ‘Heal Me’, a track that was originally born from a certain type of loneliness in London, the band revealed, “After a big night out I dragged myself to the studio across London and wrote the song between cold sweats. This was my longest and first trip alone to another country and felt pretty alone in London, so we ended up with this visceral love song about when you’re away from someone you love for a long time.” We have all felt this feeling of being alone, but knowing that there is someone waiting for you far away ultimately makes the loneliness harder.


FARR’s gorgeous production, building vocals and vulnerable lyricism make this track hard to leave alone. Speaking on the visual created for ‘Heal Me’, FARR revealed, “We really wanted to make sure we achieved the right tone and mood for the visuals. Both our teams on either side of the Atlantic put all their energy into making the concept a reality, making sure the lyrical themes translated onto camera.”


Start your day off right with the glistening and heart-felt premiere of ‘Heal Me’ by FARR below!


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