Selected by Son of Abe

Son of Abe has been making waves in the house and techno scene as a DJ for the past decade, so we thought it would be best to find out the 10Trax inspiring his latest release, "Microwaves".

Selected by sir Was

Gothenburg based artist sir Was selects his top 10trax with the release of his melodic and emotive new track "No Giving Up".

Selected by Kate Stewart

We get R&B's sensual new queen to select her top ten tracks after the release of her steamy new single "Get Mine".

Selected by Happa

Electronic wonder kid Happa was producing club hit remixes before he could even get on the dance floor himself. We got the maestro to select the 10trax that are moving him this summer with his own "Only Darkness" track.

Selected by Jess Skye

The founder of Fat Buddha Yoga and DJ, Jess Skye is all about blending her selects with her nonpretentious Yoga classes to make the mind, body, soul and ears feel at peace. We got to grips with the mindful master to get some zen in our lives.

Selected by Folamour

French house sensation Folamour shares his favourite tracks that have inspired his work as an acclaimed producer and superstar DJ.

Selected by Mr Hudson

One of the greatest minds in the music industry, Mr Hudson shares his top 10 tracks ahead of the release of his pivotal new album, "WHEN THE MACHINE STOPS".

Selected by ISLAND

Explore the 10trax chosen by the mysterious and enigmatic indie-rock band ISLAND.

Selected by Swim Deep

Swim Deep are the boys making music for dreamers, lovers and pub jukeboxes.