“Wrong Or Right” by LA

London-based rapper, LA, breaks into the scene with his emotive new single “Wrong Or Right” and drops the accompanying music video.

Amazing Grace to Open in London Bridge

A vibrant new music venue Amazing Grace is geared up to open in the ecclesiastical setting of St Thomas’ Church.

“Roket” by Baza Testdrive

Vienna trio Baza Testdrive launch their moody hip-hop single “Roket”.

“Higher Ground” by POLUN (寶麟), ft. Gracie Ella

Hip-hop artist POLUN shares his debut single “Higher Ground”, featuring Gracie Ella.

‘Maculate’ by O Future

Experimental art collective O Future unveils their new ‘Maculate’ EP.

“Early” by J-Key

Rapper J-Key flexes his impeccable flow and witty lyricism on his track “Early” alongside accompanying music video.

“From 80’s With Love” by Jupiter Grey

Independent UK artist, Jupiter Grey, drops his latest single “From 80’s With Love” - an ode to retro sounds with a futuristic twist

“Shit Show” by Leah Kate

Viral pop artist Leah Kate shares her endearing new single “Shit Show”.

“Senses” by Courtney Paige Nelson

Force of pop Courtney Paige Nelson drops the video for her latest single “Senses”.