“THE VIEW” by Marie Noreger

Marie Noreger has dropped a tranquil new single, "THE VIEW".

‘Ages’ by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed have dropped their rousing new album, 'Ages'.

“Get Better” by Tia Kofi

Notion has the exclusive premiere of drag queen-turned-pop star Tia Kofi's new tune, "Get Better".

‘ko:da’ by Tom Ashbrook

Tom Ashbrook has released his fascinatingly cinematic new EP, 'ko:da".

“Honest” by Memorial

Memorial have dropped the moving new video for their song "Honest".

Behind the Base: Maverick Sabre

Maverick Sabre talks about his musical journey, self-belief, new album and gives an exclusive performance for Behind the Base with Pizza Express.

Paco Rabanne & NTS Announce New A Million Ways To Make It Platform

Paco Rabanne and NTS have teamed up to launch a new platform to give support to young prospective artists trying to make it in the UK.

“Rest Stop” by Gerle

Gerle has released her moving new single "Rest Stop".

“How Would It Feel” by Lyves

Lyves has released her comeback single, "How Would It Feel".