Selected by JD. Reid

Ahead of his four-track EP, sometimes i wonder, slated to release in April, producer-DJ JD. Reid selects us 10Trax currently in his rotation.

Selected by Xzavier Stone

Xzavier Stone's relaxed take on electronic R&B shines through on his new EP, GREYSCALE, here are 10Trax that inspired the project.

Selected by DJ Lag

Ahead of his forthcoming Hade Boss remix, due out on April 3, GQOM kingpin DJ Lag selects us 10Trax defining his sets at the moment.

Selected by UTO

French electronic-pop-rock duo UTO select 10 tracks inspired by Generation Y, under the theme "Forever Y".

10Trax: The Best of Usher’s ‘Confessions’ Album

To mark the 20th anniversary of Usher’s iconic ‘Confessions’ album, we’ve rounded up our favourite 10Trax from the project.

Selected by LUXE & Angel D’Lite

Superstar DJs in-waiting LUXE and Angel D'lite select us 10Trax inspired by their new wobbly left-field electronic EP, Enchanted.

Selected by SONIKKU

Ahead of his multi-genre second album, Whirlwind of Malevolence - featuring BAYLI, DETO Black, Partiboi69 and more - due this spring, SONIKKU selects us 10 tracks that influenced the project.

Selected by BUCKLEY

Rising Leeds-based DJ and producer Buckley selects us 10 essential ‘DJ tools’ on rotation on his USB right now.

Selected by Daughters of Frank

DJ, radio and producer duo Daughters of Frank - AKA sisters Ruby and Lily - select us 10 tracks that represent the musical freedom and sweaty hedonism of their party night, Serenade.