“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by David Bay

David Bay puts a nu-disco twist on Joy Division's famous track "Love Will Tear Us Apart" in his new single of the same name.

“Warm Cold Hands (Feat. Jake Isaac)” by Peter Sandberg

Swedish electronic composer, Peter Sandberg, unveils his moving new single “Warm Cold Hands (Feat. Jake Isaac)”, delving into the dichotomy between the beauty of nature and the complex emotions of modern life.

“Fairground” by Mabes

Singer-songwriter, Mabes, drops the tempo with her new single “Fairground”, in a nod to her Country & Americana songwriting roots.

“Stary Tiles” by Flight to Moonlight

Singer, songwriter and producer Flight to Moonlight drops his latest single “Stary Tiles”.

“Tray Full of Ash” by Emma Elisabeth Dittrich

Swedish artist Emma Elisabeth battles with the ghosts of her past, captivating with her new single “Tray Full of Ash”.

“High Sometimes” by Alt Bloom

Rising alt-pop artist, Alt Bloom, reveals his euphoric track “High Sometimes”, exploring the universal joy of chasing a high, whatever that may be.

“Tears” by Mudrigo

New Jersey rapper Mudrigo has dropped his new track "Tears".  

“Just Fly” by Max Barskih

Ukrainian pop star Max Barskih plans for international lift-off with his new single "Just Fly".

“Watermelon Juice” & “Bad Boy Killer” By Gianni Mae

Caribbean rapper, Gianni Mae, doubles down on her powerful run with the release of a new double single, “Watermelon Juice” and “Bad Boy Killer”.