“Southside Girl” by Professor Paws

Artist and producer, Professor Paws, captures the excitement and flirtations of a relationship in its early stages on his new track “Southside Girl”.

“Let You Go” by Miller Roberts

Australian songstress, Miller Roberts, unveils new ambient folk single “Let You Go”.

“D’You Mind?” by Boxteles

Huddersfield alt-rock collective, Boxteles, make their return with their new up-beat pop song “D’You Mind?”

“Baby Sky Hook” by K4CIE

DJ and producer, K4CIE, teams up with Black Josh for energy filled return “Baby Sky Hook”.

“When I Want” by Zaritza

Zaritza serves up the bold new dark-pop offering, "When I Want It".

“Golden Sparks” by Temple In Man

Stockholm based indie artist, Temple In Man, releases dreamy new single “Golden Sparks”.

“Rules” by Richie Quake

Brooklyn based artist and producer, Richie Quake, returns with his new retro pop single “Rules”.

“Prove Them Wrong” by Slopes

Singer-songwriter and producer Dag Holtan-Hartwig, aka Slopes, shares his dynamic debut single “Prove Them Wrong”.

“Come Down” by MAGUIRE

London based artist, MAGUIRE, releases her new EP ‘Fantaisies’ which arrives with a brand-new song “Come Down” and accompanying video.